NCC Board Meeting

February 04, 2014 | 6:15pm to 7:30pm
Present: Garett Lumley, Nick Cima, Kathryn Gardner, Jeremy Major, Bruce Gardave
Meeting commenced: 6:10pm

Salmo Bike Club

Lisa Tedesco contacted Garett. They are forming Salmo Bike Club and hoping to start trail building this spring. She asked how Morning Mountain went with machine time,  trail building etc. Garett spoke to her on the phone re: who we had quotes from and if we were happy with the work. (Yes, we were very happy with the work!)

Skate Park Society

Nick and Jan spoke to Society. Skate & Bike Parks will team up to write grants for MEC and CBT to raise money for storage shed as well as add bike wash, shaded area. The bike park just needs some maintenance and a few more jumps to be built and it will be good to  Some drainage will have to be fixed in the spring from where material from skate park was dumped onto Bike Park side. 
Nick hoping to have some paid hours to maintain park next year. He will talk to Jan from Urban Systems to see if they have any funds to donate this year, as well look to NCC for funds. He will need approx $1500 for materials plus funds for wages. We should have money in NCC budget from mapbook sales and memberships that can be available.
Signage – we need one. We could share a kiosk with the Skate Park since it is an “all wheel”. We will wait for Nick and Jan to get back to us on how much money the bike park has left for this project. 


We need updates on how grant writing is going.
Action: Ask Mike K. and Joel how the grant writers are doing?
Is Joel keeping track of who is writing for what and which grants they are going after?

Giveout Polygon

Is the NCC’s priority for grants this year.
Rural Development Institute which is “essentially” a part of the CBT. Rossland’s Trail Manager, Stewart Spooner has contacted us asking if we would share our trail data with the government. 
Garett wrote back saying that NCC is hesitant but will bring it to the board. The RDI want local groups to “share their data” to assist in government planning.
Discussion: this is too vague a request. Who is the RDI? What do they want to do with the data? Who will have access to the data? What will the data be used for?
The board entertained the idea of selling? a license for use of the data, with very specific and strict restrictions – ie. It must never become public. 
Consensus is that the board does not want to release this data. Collecting the data was too much work done by volunteers (Thanks Pat Willams,et al.!) and is such an important fund raiser for the NCC.
Is it possible to give them general info about where our trails are, in order to assist with their “planning”?
Action: Forward Jeremy the emails re: RDI and he will look into it. 

Agreement with Justin Dexter for BC Rec & Sites

NCC needed to sign a new agreement with BC Rec & Sites, outlining Giveout, Section 57, insurance requirements, administrative info etc - Garett signed the agreement for the NCC.
Forest McIvor
Would like to pay Forest $500 to reward him for the exceptional volunteer time he provided last season. 
Motioned by: Garett
Seconded by: Jeremy
All board members (3 of 5) present were in favour.
Action: Maya to cut a cheque for Forest . 

Logging at Giveout 

Action: Garett will look into what Adco is planning on doing this year and how it will impact NCC initiatives. 

Morning Mountain

Justin Dexter recently mentioned the “future” downhill track to Nick Cima and seemed keen on getting this done. Nick will follow up on what Justin was thinking. The trail would go through RDCK lands which means Cary would also be involved. 

Bike Swap

Garett to connect Bruce Gardave with Doug F. and Bruce Hardy to get finance files etc for the swap. Garett to give box of bike stuff to Bruce. 

Nelson Bike Coop

A local coop is being formed. We are not really clear on what they want to do. However, they will be applying for CBT grants. This may potentially water down available funds for NCC grant applications. We need to find out more about the Coop and how it differs from the NCC. 

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Wednesday February 26, 2014.
Meeting adjourned 7:30pm.