Club Info & Getting Involved

The Nelson Cycling Club is a voice for cycling interests in the Nelson and surrounding area. We work to improve and maintain trails, trail access and events. Our goal is to promote and develop cycling opportunities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner for the benefit of Nelson area residents. We are a volunteer-run, registered, non-profit Society that caters to children, youth, adults and families, and riders of all levels and abilities.

Since our inception in 1995, the Nelson Cycling Club has focused on community events like the annual Kootenay Fat Tire Festival, which includes cross-country, downhill, freeride, trials, and kids events. We are also associated with community bike events such as NRG’s Triple Crown—where riders both climb and descend over 7000 feet in a single day—and Baldface’s Cherry Top Challenge. Starting a few years ago (2008), the club and local businesses and bike shops began hosting toonie rides. Sacred Rides Kokanee, Gericks Mtn Stn Enduro, etc

Nelson has an extensive network of bike trails that were built by local community members with a strong passion for biking. As the sport of mountain biking grows, so has the need for trail maintenance. In 2004, the Club initiated a program to improve Trail Maintenance and Stewardship in the Nelson area. With a paid crew who do maintenance throughout the summer and special volunteer trail blitzes, the NCC is making sure the trails stay fun and fresh!

Membership is for adults, for teens, for kids 12 and under, and for the whole family!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to send an email to:

We encourage all trail users to become members of the Nelson Cycling Club. Membership is a show of support for the trails in our town and an opportunity to help make the riding more fun. All membership fees go towards trail maintenance and insurance for use of trails on private lands (ex: Mountain Station trails)

Membership costs:

* $25 for adults
* $15 for teens (13-18)
* $5 for kids (12 and under)
* $50 for the whole family!

Download the waiver and form here:


2021 NCC/IMBA Waiver Form

2021 NCC Brochure and Registration Form

Return form plus waiver with cash or cheque to Gericks or the Sacred Ride.
Or join online through